Retail Product Updates

Angel En Provence - new to M Salon

Treat yourself to award-winning, luxury hair care at an affordable price. Angel products combine quality ingredients and the latest technology to ensure top performance and flawless results with every style. Angel En Provence is pure, organic natural hair care products free from SLS and SLES, paraffin and mineral oils.  Angel En Provence range is totally unique with the pursuit of the most pure and natural ingredients along with an environmentally conscious concept. Using advanced micro-molecule extraction technology to break down plant essences into micro molecules allows for deeper penetration and absorption. Provence is specifically formulated to be gentle and effective creating dazzling results for all hair types. Luxuriously formulated based on fusing a harmonious blend of technology, purest forms of essential oils and plant extracts.

En Provence range is “Pure, natural and environmentally friendly” It is carefully formulated to cater for 8 different hair conditions and types in a system of shampoos, conditioners, mask, scalp treatments, styling and finishing products.

New to De Lorenzo - DMAN

Introducing the new essential grooming range for men. These amazing products are enriched with botanical ingredients to benefit the skin and hair. There are three (3) products in the range:

  • DMAN Pomade
  • DMAN Shampoo
  • DMAN Shaving Cream

Introductory Offer – Purchase all three (3) products $49.95 and receive a complimentary shaving bag.

De Lorenzo - Defence Thermal Protection System

LA BIOS 3C's Collagen Treatment

3C Collagen Treatment Step 1: Cortex

  • Heal damaged hair shaft layers with Keratin, Collagen, Amino Acids, Proteins and 18MEA
  • Restores moisture and softness and brings new life to hair
  • Instantly reduces hair breakage
  • Deep Clean Shampoo the hair, towel dry and rinse thoroughly. Apply Step 1 Cortex.
  • Leave for 5-7 minutes; rinse thoroughly and towel dry; apply step 2 CMC

3C Collagen Treatment Step 2: CMC

  • Improves the hair’s natural body with Collagen and 18MEA that rejuvenates the connection of the cortex and cuticle layers
  • Revitalises the hair’s elasticity
  • Creates sustainable links between the inner and outer hair layers (cortex and cuticle)
  • Leave for 5-7 minutes and shampoo out and rinse thoroughly; towel dry and apply step 3

3C Collagen Treatment Step 3: Cuticle

  • Advanced Ceramides build-up the damaged cuticle (outer layer) of the hair
  • Restores the natural waterproofing filter of the hair
  • Renewable natural oils that shine and soften the hair
  • Protects hair shaft layers from the inside-out. Enhances the long-lasting colour, curls and straightening when combined with chemical services in the salon.
  • Leave for 5-7 minutes, rinse thoroughly and towel dry. Style as usual.

In-salon 3C’s Collagen Treatment $35.00
3C’s Cuticle Treatment Tub 200g (maintains treatment longevity) $42.00